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Sophisticated Dingo is an Australian garage-rock duo.

Sophisticated Dingo - Photo credit - Jackson Greatz

Sophisticated Dingo – Photo credit – Jackson Greatz

The essence of garage is often lost in post production.

Fortunately with Sophisticated Dingo none of the rawness is dissipated, as the duo superbly distil the concept, of a band racking up a damaged portable amplifier, drumkit and a microphone inside a brick garage with a concrete floor, hanging up half a mangy carpet that was found in a skip, on a wall, to lend the air of a top quality studio and then just enjoy life banging out rattling tunes while the neighbours all bury their heads under cushions – what more does really music need to get to the true essence of it all I ask myself? The answer being – nothing at all.

The most recent track to surface Money (which is available on bandcamp) – is – rock’n’roll in its finest element.

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