Some Gifts

Some Gifts, from Los Angeles in the USA is the alt-rock trio of Vic Lazar (Vocals / Guitar), Steve Aguilera (Drums) and Mike Jung (Bass).

Some Gifts - alt-rock from the USA

Some Gifts

A couple of years into the process Some Gifts has developed an understanding between the interplay of the elements, which when added to the experience they have as musicians in prior bands, allows them to deliver music which belies the age of the unit.

With a style of music that sits in a crowded market place it would be easy for Some Gifts to get lost in the hubbub, particularly given they are not seeking to break the mould, but there is a je ne sais quoi which captures the attention. The material is straight-up rock, which they fleck with swaggering guitar and burring bass to which the percussion bubbles around like an excited puppy exploring new territory and somewhere in that mix is a tint of psychedelia which enables the trio to give the compositions legs.

Currently putting the finishing touches to an LP, which is currently scheduled for release in November, Some Gifts are a trio who provide material which gets better the more you listen and I look forward to hearing the new album.


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