Social Room – Be Forever Mine – Video

Social Room is an electro-indie sextet from England.

Social Room

Social Room

Rather than using the plethora of players to create volume, Social Room create depth.

In the just over three and a half minutes of their newest track – Be Forever Mine – the listener is taken on an expansive journey that manages to mix and revolve though various ideas with no loss of purpose. One moment synth-wave, the next rolling-rock then lightly tinctured popular music and is able to take the listener through the various eddies with the mind never wandering.

The thrubbing bass and percussion give the piece its impetus, with guitars allowed to develop themes to which synths create imagery as the vocal harnesses the disparate ideas pulling them along in a cohesive flow of thought as Be Forever Mine threads its way between morose and delight in a track that bears immediate replay.


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  1. Love love love this!

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