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Smokin’ On Planes is the rock trio of Nick Galasso (Vocal / Guitar), Miguel Teixeira (Bass) and Omri Malal (Drums) based in Washington D.C. (USA).

Smokin' On Planes

Smokin’ On Planes

Their music has a completely absorbing flow, which akin to molten lava sliding down the slopes of a volcano has a variable viscosity, which gives the compositions their engaging textured dynamics. Formed earlier this year, there are only three tracks I have been able to hear, each of which has a retrospective air and a similarity of demeanour.

Parallel Lives is their signature combination of powerful bass and drum which are melded with a hazy ebbing and flow of the guitar which all in tandem with the Knopfleresque vocal delivery draws a reference to Dire Straits, though not as an imitation, merely an influencer and a trio I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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Parallel Lives – Single – Smokin’ on Planes is available on iTunes.*

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