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The Costa Rican twelve bar blues quintet Smokey Bars released the EP – Live At The Cabin on the 2nd.

Smokey Bars

Smokey Bars

My apologies to everyone that so many reviews are surfacing later than you may anticipate, which is not due to my tardiness, rather the flow of music wandering through the filters and although I write this well inside the normal parameters this will not be published until far later than expected in the normal course of events.

The roughly twenty five minute Extended Play revealed through five tracks (available on bandcamp) of curls and blousey tendrils of guitar that reach around the room akin to Octupus tentacles drifting in the ocean which wrap the unwary inside coils of suction embrace the listener in stopped strings, leisurely percussion and wandering bass from which peers a well travelled voice and when ears are extended the faint underlay of synthesis is what gives the music its distinctive personality.

My selection from Live At The Cabin is the closer Lady C.

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