Small Leaks Sink Ships

Small Leaks Sink Ships is an experimental rock band from Portland, Oregon, in the USA comprising Judd Hancock (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), London VanRooy (Vocals / Drums / Piano), Jim Mandel Jr. (Bass / Guitar) and Ryan Garner (Keys / Samples / Guitar).

Small Leaks Sink Ships - experimental rock from the USA

Small Leaks Sink Ships

Whilst Small Leaks Sink Ships do expect the listener to engage the brain, they are not writing a PhD thesis on Black-holes, so the music remains accessible, though does demand concentration. Elements of maths-rock combine with varieties of styles as diverse as honky-tonk, classicism, Kwala, progressive psychedelia and more and the quartet is able to paint the aural landscape with refreshing palettes of colour, that allow the brain to wallow in the washes of sound.

Small Leaks Sink Ships are able to take experimental concepts and diversity of instrumentation to provide the audience with finely constructed and delivered compositions that have you reaching for replay to capture the elements and ideas missed first time round.

With their idiosyncratic take on music, Small Leaks Sink Ships have a diverse landscape in which to explore and by not tearing open the edges of the envelope are able to take the audience with them on that journey.

With an extensive back catalogue a sensible space to start is their most recent offering – Face Yourself, And Remove Your Sandals.


Face Yourself, And Remove Your Sandals – Small Leaks Sink Ships is available on iTunes.*

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