Slowmotion Club – Some Will Say…Others Betting On… – EP Review

The Swedish band Slowmotion Club recently released their five track EP – Some Will Say…Others Betting On….

Slowmotion Club - Some Will Say...Others Betting On... - artwork

Slowmotion Club – Some Will Say…Others Betting On… – artwork

Opening with the longest track on the release, at just over five and a half-minutes, is – Now That You’re Sleeping – a drama laden piece of theatrical alternative rock in which violin is added to make expansive continuums of sound, giving the track considerable dexterity.

Next is Connecting All The Dots, which whilst of slighter speedier tempo, looses none of the introspective doleful endearing nature of Slowmotion Club and a fine piece of music.

Rembrandtesque is a track which allows the trio to show a different side to the sounds, with a track that reminds me somewhat of ’80s electro-new-wave as both the rolling synthetics and the vocal, which lays in sympathy, are met by active guitars and percussion.

The Presidential Dilemma is a song known to the readers of the website, as this was a video that featured as an introduction to Slowmotion Club back in December of last year, but nonetheless welcome for its reappearance.

Closing out Some Will Say…Others Betting On… is my pick of the release, Bombing Buses, which presages to a direction of travel for future material and is certainly a path that I would be interested in hearing Slowmotion Club explore further.

Some Will Say…Others Betting On… – EP – Slowmotion Club is available on iTunes*.

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