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SlowHandClap is an English sludge trio.



An intriguing mix of ’90s britpop and ’60s psychedelia is merged in to one construct with SlowHandClap who deliver their music in alignment with the band name, though far from the listener also waving them away finds themselves totally engrossed in the melange of ideas.

Flat tones are merged with flowery countenance delivering music that finds the listener twiddling with settings, prior to settling on everything – be they tweeters,  sub-woofers, bass, midi all set at maximum extension and it all works perfectly in their latest track Vertigo, which has been sitting in my email inbox since the latter part of last month, for which I apologise both to you and to SlowHandClap. Perhaps it is I who deserves the band moniker for tardy delay not they – to whom I extended profuse applause and look forward to coming back to again in short order.

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