Sleeptalking – Professional Dreamer – Single Review

Sleeptalking is an English grunge quintet.



A good way to test your speaker system is to turn everything up to maximum and discover how it navigates the squeaks, squawks of electronics and the squelched bass that burrows across the room.

Guitars bend into contortions that fretboards and strings didn’t know they were able to undertake, as heartily struck percussion changes the listeners heart rhythm whilst the muzzy overcoat to the output gives the track Professional Dreamer – their latest – a gentle trippyness akin to sipping on magic-mushroom tea that you just need to play once again just to check you didn’t imagine it was as encompassing as you thought first time through, only to discover second time round there is even more to unravel.


Professional Dreamer [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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