Slack is the indie-funk quintet of – Robert Guinvarch, Tyler Dawn, Nigel Hardy, Patrick Murphy and Austin Perkins from Monterey, California in the USA.

Slack - Indie-funk from the USA


There is a beautiful contextual conflict that lays with Slack as the music has the listener swaying in tandem with another whilst a thorny lyric rails against the gentleness of the flows of sound and it this stark contrast that gives the quintet an out-put you just feel the need to explore further.

Slack is exactly the sort of band the concept of what was then indie bands blog was set up to showcase last decade. I am often sent missives to consider what is referred to as ‘street music’ which is normally a rehash of a suburban white-picket fence masquerading as childish hip-hop written by ‘wannabe gangsters’ who sound more like their MTV subscription is probably due. This is a quintet who bring the ‘Street’ back to the tarmacadam, not the thick pile fitted carpets.

With a steady stream of releases and live performance Slack is a band I would heartily recommend getting hold of their catalogue (which you can find on bandcamp) and if you are their way get out to see as they bring bitter-sweet humour to compositions that are finely executed.


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