Slack Armada

Slack Armada is the Chicago, USA, ambient electronica creator Jim Hrabak.

Slack Armada - ambient electronica from the USA

Slack Armada

Dreamy synthesis combines with guitars that waft in and out of the soundscape giving the ambient sounds something of an experimental shoegaze feel. Hitting play gives the listener a sense that they are donning a cashmere coat as the gently flowing sounds softly emerge from the speakers lazily drawing across the room before delicately washing over the ears.

The loops which frame the tracks are intriguingly, fairly short stems, which allows the languid harmonies to seem further extended, giving the resulting output a constant motion akin to the sea lapping at the shore-line. Whilst the core sounds of individual compositions are repetitious, there are sufficient transitions and reinterpretations to keep the material dynamic and by coming back to tracks further inferences are identified.

The eponymous début four track EP by Slack Armada, which came out in October, has the feeling of a two part storyline, with the opening sequences very much electronics drive, whilst the second half opening with a more guitar focussed sound and concluding with a more evenly balanced combination of the two, including a rephrased section from Evita, or is that just my ears?  Hrabak has some interesting ideas running through his head and it will be good to hear more in due course.


Slack Armada – EP – Slack Armada is available on iTunes*.

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