The quartet of Darren Gadd (Drums), Nathan Coombes (Guitar), Beth Spink (Bass / Vocal) and Bobby Newman (Guitar) from Chichester in England form the alt-rock  band of SKYE.

SKYE - alt-rock from England


I spent a little while going back and fro with Beth to ascertain a more precise location of SKYE than West Sussex and I was minded of a computer I purchased in the late ’70s, whilst living in London, which entailed a trip to Chichester as they had the latest chipset incorporated with their shop made machine and on arriving at the shop found many of the folks I subsequently kept in touch with via various BBS platforms were also down from London, Manchester and Birmingham to grab hold of this wonder, unavailable anywhere else. What has that got to do with the music? To be fair, little, other than to reaffirm the best in computing and music does arrive in the most surprising locations.

Combining folk with classic rock SKYE invest the ears with melodic constructs that like a flower tempting a bee to pollination with the sweet nectar draws the listener into close contact. The two guitars do not compete for space, rather create mesmeric lattices which akin to molten glass flow around and into each other in ever complex rhythms, whilst percussion weaves the magisterial progression as bass creates the forceps to hold the compositions in formation whilst the vocal adds the stunning hues of colour which marks out the material for greater consideration.

With little to hear, only four of their own tracks from their début EP Infinite released on the 20th and available on bandcamp, I am already gagging at the bit to find more to hear and I look forward to following their progression of SKYE from a band of a few original tracks and many covers, to a band of no covers and many LPs worth of original work.

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