Sky Cathedrals – Elysium – Single Review

The English synth-wave duo Sky Cathedrals released their début single – Elysium on the 18th.

Sky Cathedrals

Sky Cathedrals

If you have been here for a while you will recall the band Gorilla Punch Radio and it may well come as surprise to find that Sky Cathedrals are formed by half of the hard-rock sounding quartet.

Working with a guest vocalist – Florence GlenElysium is a track that soars, glides and swoops around the room with the elegance of an Albatross gliding on thermals. The combinations of keys, strings and synthetics ease their way into the ears, culminating in a closing refrain of accompanied wind-instruments and bowed-strings, which leaves the listener in contemplative silence long after the notes have faded into silence.

If there is more to follow from this, I will keep you informed.

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