Steve Hill (Guitars / Vocals), Matt Gilmore (Bass /Vocals), Ray Peverill (Drums / Vocals) make up the rock band SKAM from Leicester in England.

SKAM - rock from England


There are no flies on SKAM this is straight up British metal delivered in fine style. Don your jeans jacket, turn up the speakers, then force the volume louder and just revel in the sounds.

A bulbous guitar hurls itself around the room, whilst a thumping bass hammers the timpani as drums rattle away like hammer and tongs and through it a perfectly suited vocal. Not attempting, quite rightly, to redefine a style of music with a rich pedigree, SKAM nonetheless are able to add value to the tapestry.

The free flowing sounds are not forced, nor do they give the impression of trying to imitate, as the trio explore their own avenues of creativity. Evidently unafraid of their influences SKAM deliver music which is a credit both to themselves and their forebears with clarity and purpose. Their powerful stage performances are matched by recorded material which retains the passion and connection for those who can’t get to see them live.

A new LP Peacemaker is scheduled for the summer of 2014 with the launch gig set for the 9th August in their home-town.


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