Sixteen Scandals – Flawsophy – Audio

Sixteen Scandals is a Canadian fuzz-rock trio.

Sixteen Scandals

Sixteen Scandals

Turn up the volume and allow the hairs on your arms to wave in the aural breeze as Sixteen Scandals spiral across the room akin to a corkscrew being twisted in to the stopper on a bottle of wine, resulting in popping open a delightful scent that flows the room.

Reflections of frustrated tensions unleash themselves upon the audience with the emotive vocal throating of a wry reflection of a world of self-aggrandisement whilst an overclocking percussion thrashes the timpani as a barrage of bass punches the jawbone through which an intoxicating guitar plays its own stanzas – yet they are able to bring it all together in a delightful sound that brightens the day for its presence.

From their five track EP Dorkmanteau (available on bandcamp) the middle number – Flawsophy.

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