Siren Call

Siren Call from Vienna in Austria is the rock trio of Yvonne Lace (Vocals / Bass), Jason de Cordoba (Guitar / Vocals) and Szabó Gábor (Drums).

Siren Call - rock from Vienna

Siren Call

Rock, when delivered well, is a place of pure exuberance and extrovert guitars and Siren Call deliver on all counts. With sounds that transcend all geographic borders the trio have enough tatters to the edges to remain connected with the audience, with expansive compositions that fill the room.

The grunt and gruff are a delight as the band produces music which has the ability to shine across large venues. The guitar is given room, where appropriate to blossom, whilst a percussion / bass combination hold a reign on the wanderings and a perfectly suited vocal captivates the attention. Although well established as an international touring act, Siren Call have developed much of their following through live performance, which is great. For those of us not in the local environs, they have made little available and I hope they will get round to balancing this anomaly as they have much to offer, if only we could hear it.


Comfort Zone – Single – Siren Call is available on iTunes*

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