Sir. O

Sir. O based in London, England is the alt-pop creator Saar Oron.

Sir. O - alt-pop from England

Sir. O

The lilt of the tunes of Sir. O settle easily on the ears and it would be easy to dismiss it as simplistic, however take some time to settle with the sounds and you will find there is a steely resolve within the compositions.

The tracks flow easily around the room, but like many artists of the genre, it is only when you take the time to listen to a thread of music that the real value appears, to what on the surface are merely radio friendly nothingness. With a sound that transfers to the stage, Sir. O is probably best heard live to fully appreciate the craftsmanship.

Once again, for the second time today an out-put that will not sit on my every-day playlist, but that is just me and shouldn’t be used as your yardstick and I do suggest spending time to explore the years of compositions, twelve of which will be cut to an LP pencilled in for release in the next few months.

A new single Glimmer Of Hope is set for official release on the 18th.


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