Sincerely, The Alchemists – Clockwork – Audio

Sincerely, The Alchemists from the USA are on the verge of releasing a new LP – The Dark Triad.

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Taken from the forthcoming album is Clockwork.

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  1. Thanks Sven for listening!

    We appreciate your feedback and while you may not enjoy my voice: we do try and separate our music from traditional EDM/dance in that we have a static voice and vision. Not just different singers on every song.

    • Marc – appreciate you coming back on this.

      Always useful to receive feedback (as a band), hard to swallow sometimes though may it be I appreciate, but great to see your reply is constructive, kudos to you.

  2. Oh my, my ears. That singing ruins this one guys. I was bumping out to the music though. Very, very catchy trance. Not sure why they didn’t leave this a trance dance track. The use of minor keys is fantastic and you can tell skill was put into the musical production. Can’t stand that voice though.

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