Shopping from London in England is the new-wave trio of Billy Easter, Andrew Milk and Rachel Aggs.

Shopping - photo by - Jenna Foxton

Shopping – photo by – Jenna Foxton

Scant guitar, strung so tightly and and compressed it hurts, as Shopping mark point into the room and it is impossible not to fall immediately into a state of rapture. The scythed syncopation reminds of a double time military march as the trio pour scorn on society around. It is through the clipped delivery that I find myself wanting to know why I didn’t have them on my playlist already, it would not be unfair to mention that I am minded of The Adverts, not that Shopping sound remotely as though they are trying to copy anything with their freshly scrubbed vigour.

Shopping are able to extract imagery of fulminating swarms which flash like massed ranks on a frenzied invective through the very brevity of the chords, which possess an icy terror that slices its way in the head. The oppressive mechanisation threshes unheeding of all trampled underfoot in a diatribic Social reportage.

The unrelenting continuums of razor-sharp six and four string guitars are equally served by an unwavering percussion as a vocal burrows like a hornet sting. For a more cohesive reflection of the world of isolated Silos in the ’10s it is hard to think of comparatives, which bizarrely marks the comprehensive inclusivity and relevance of the out-put.

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