Shelley Segal

Shelley Segal is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne in Australia.

Shelley Segal - folk rock from Australia

Shelley Segal

There are moments in life when you just need to put up your heels and let the music douse you in its temperament and Shelley Segal ideally suits one of those moments. The songs speak of personal perspectives and challenge prescriptive notions without threatening or growling, which makes for a diversive angst-riven perspicacious soliloquy which has a broader reach, if you will allow it so to do.

The folk-rock may not immediately hit the sweet-spot, but I merely ask that you let preconceptions pass you by and tarry in the tunes, as like many of the most personal and honest recipes, the ingredients may not initially meet with a wide smile, however, on ingestion there is a feeling of satiation and mooreishness, thus you will find with Shelley Segal.

Smartly composed pieces of music combine with an eviscerating lyric, leaving the listener in a pall of self-immolation which captivates the audience despite themselves. Whilst easily and dismissively slotted in to a genre that doesn’t suit –  like Baez, Dylan, Piaf etc., it is when you scrape away the covering, you will find yourself captivated by the concepts.


An Easy Escape – Shelley Segal is available on iTunes*.

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