Sheehan Duhv – Time – Single review

The English nu-folk creator Sheehan Duhv revealed the début single – Time – on the 21st.

Sheehan Duv

Sheehan Duv

Having taken time to put in an apprenticeship working with others material Sheehan Duhv felt it was time to explore as the originating musician resulting in Time.

A looped drum gives the song a circular motion, which is picked up and expanded by a felted keyboard whilst an angular guitar skips through the ears, akin to spider hurriedly repairing its web in mid-afternoon before the heat goes out of the sun, to be joined in by a layered vocal – resulting in a composition which has a lo-fidelity honesty which is weaved in to a multi-textured carpet within which the listener takes immense pleasure in sinking their toes.

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