She Pleasures Herself

She Pleasures Herself from Lisbon in Portugal is the electro-goth trio of David Francisco (Synths / Guitar), Nuno Francisco (Drums / Programming) and Nuno Varudo (Vocals / Bass).

She Pleasures Herself

She Pleasures Herself

All experienced musicians She Pleasures Herself came together last year and have been able to reveal a début LP – Fetish which was released earlier in the month.

The dark menacing textures of instrumental and synthetic sounds drift from the speakers like a dark fog with the vocal superbly aligned to the musical context, seemingly surfacing from somewhere high above, with its mesmerising, menacing delivery.

Quickly the listener becomes lost inside a shroud of industrial electronica which unrelentingly cloaks the audience in tighter embrace in well paced and layered shadows, sadly far too soon their one release thus far is over.

I look forward to hearing much more of She Pleasures Herself in short order as immediately out of they starting gate they already have much to the world of music.

By way of an introduction, from the eleven track album (available on bandcamp), Touch.

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