She Killed In Ecstasy – Raw – Single Review

Inside the past twenty four hours the US electronics-angst project She Killed In Ecstasy revealed a new song.

She Killed In Ecstasy - Raw

She Killed In Ecstasy

Raw is, as it formulates on the tin, a disembowelling fulmination of a world which derides suffering and applauds the suicide jumper falling from a roof top whilst frantically pressing the ‘livestream button’ in a vainglorious attempt to seek approval for being so ‘cool and callous’, in an acid derision of all that is wrong with a populace who takes such as enjoyment, as The Romans did, with their Gladiator fights in amphitheaters – as the allegory of Nero fiddling fingers whilst Rome burnt which currently evokes the mindset of far too many, until such time as the crashing realisation that egotistical vanity is mere self-imploding egregiousness.

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