Sharn – Born – Single Review

The New Zealand melancholic-electronica creator Sharn Te Pou performs under the name Sharn.



Due for official release on the 8th of April – Born was made available a few hours ago.

The just over three and a half minute track fills the room with a dampening despondency which has an intangible beauty as the slowly revolving electronics uncurl into the room and the listener is reminded of an aural fractal as the loops thread inside one another, whilst a dark vocal delivers an isolationist commentary.

Despite the down-tempo nature of Born, or perhaps because of it, this is a track to play whilst silently holding a partner close in a slow romantic dance with the lights dimmed.

Not having featured music previously by Sharn, I took a moment to listen to the back catalogue and there is much to enjoy through the three years of songs. I am certain I will be coming back to Sharn Te Pou in the future with more news.

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