Sharkmuffin from Brooklyn in The USA is the garage rock trio of Tarra Thiessen (Vocals / Guitar), Natalie Kirch (Bass / Vocals) and Janet LaBelle (Drums).

Sharkmuffin - garage rock from The USA


Scorching guitar sprawls around the room as a moody bass meanders menacingly whilst percussion impatiently harries the instrumentation and through the haze a foaming vocal articulates the pent-up energy unleashing itself into the ears as Sharkmuffin take over the speakers. The trio harness the sounds to deliver music with precision and focus that engages the audience and the additional noise making bits of kit when used add an extra layer and twist to the music.

About to set out on a tour extending through to July, the trio are also scheduled to spend some time in the Studio over the summer to record their début LP with a new EP currently being mixed and mastered, so do expect to hear much more of Sharkmuffin in the coming months something to which I am looking forward.


1097 – Ep – Sharkmuffin is available on iTunes*.

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