Sharkmuffin – Big – Video

Sharkmuffin – the garage rock trio from the USA were introduced in June of last year.

Sharkmuffin - live


There is a school of thought – one that I don’t subscribe to, which is why the website exists – possibly why you read the website, thank you for taking the time so to do – that claims that bands should never put out videos like this – perhaps that is why they remain theorists not musicians or music fans, as they also believe that auto-tune vocals prove ability.

I am reminded of a load of nonsense heading round the internet thread of ‘music education’ – by those with little experience, but most certainly a vested interest in lining their own pockets, who advise to never send a message to a music journalist unless it is through a PR firm. As you well know by now, using a PR firm is perhaps the best way to ensure this music journalist will take the introduction with a pinch of salt.

From a live recording with a blown amp – the audience remain happy – as I hope you will to and don’t be afraid to join in with the enthusiasm of the crowd – Big. Yes the vocal is muted, it doesn’t change a thing – music is about connection and this connects with a wide-smiling crowd.

For more tangents about presentation – join Emerging Indie Bands on Google+.

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