Shark Dentist

The London, England,  grunge quartet Shark Dentist comprises CampbellGradyAndrew and Jamie.

Shark Dentist

Shark Dentist

With only a couple of tracks to hear I have already marked Shark Dentist as sitting on the ‘essential playlist’.

Unfettered by others expectations the quartet tread their own path along territories unknown, that instinctively are on solid ground, as they stomp with abandon across formulaic construction to deliver music of natural proclivity and engagement.

Continual use of lower registers, be it via a vocal that can pitch as a superlative baritone or extensive use of bass, Shark Dentist are able to counterbalance the sub-woofer stretching tones with equally tweeter piercing moments of difference. They do not seek to create through studious contemplation music that has an organic feel, rather through intuitive ability, which is what makes their music so intoxicating. Neither you nor they know what will happen next other than to have confidence it will work.

There is a catharsis in musicians who don’t have to try, which can never be matched by expressions of ‘let’s make a hit song’ and the only sadness of the music business is that those who ‘can’ rarely reap the return they richly deserve as they travel their own route of creativity. Shark Dentist is a prime example of why this site exists and I thank them for adding much value to the world.

I look forward to their future material with a sense of longing and forlorn loneliness, purely, because hasn’t yet arrived.

The only currently available release is the two track single – Cut Myself Shaving which can be purchased on bandcamp.

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