Shapes Freely

Shapes Freely from Nevada City, California in the USA is a psychedelic rock outfit centred around Brook Caballero with Ben Milner and Jessica Henry forming the core elements with the addition of numerous musicians.

Shapes Freely - Psychedelic rock from the USA

Shapes Freely

I am writing this on Friday the 12th, which noted in UK news this morning that Mrs. P. Mountbatten – more formally known as Queen Elizabeth II – has magic mushrooms growing in her back-garden, so it is perhaps appropriate that many of the articles I have written today have an hallucinogenic feel to them – Shapes Freely being no exception.

Weaving their way across the room in a kaleidoscopic array of billowing cloud Shapes Freely articulate a graceful progression of multifarious conceptual tints and hues. The diversity of instrumentation does not over-power the gently flowing sounds, rather, adds perspicuity to the tumefied soundscape as it rolls around the ears.

The expansive and expressive nature of the pieces does not get in the way of listenability and the audience is left in a space of calming reflectivity.

Allow yourself plenty of time to let the music unwrap as you will find it is time that passes without an eye on the clock.

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