Shane Romero – The Gentlemen’s Movement – Video

Shane Romero is an urban hip-hop poet from the USA.

Shane Romero

Shane Romero

In something of a parody of all Shane Romero purports to stand for The Gentleman’s Movement tells the story of ‘achieving’ the ‘American Dream’ in a journey from legacies of street shootings, with trainers hung over wires in remembrance, to delusional sartorial elegance and soulless exile.

Perhaps Shane won’t thank me for mentioning it, but to me, he was able to take the mickey out of the dingy, so called aspirational, clothing retailer – Argyleculture – who have chosen this song as their version of ‘drip down economics’ in a number that demonstrates all that is wrong with a society that doesn’t care about anything other than ‘what is your bank balance?’ with The Gentlemen’s Movement.

Or, perhaps that is just my cynical take on the world and some people do aspire to be conned by a system that has failed. Whichever message you take, a great piece and poetry is always about personal interpretation.

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