Shambolics – When She Goes Home – Single Review

Shambolics is a Scottish rock’n’roll band.



Formed towards the end of last year Shambolics are beginning to establish themselves on the live circuit and have made a couple of tracks available for those of us further afield and given by the out-put so far is a band who deserve to quickly establish wider recognition.

Their most recent track to surface – When She Goes Home is an acerbic quip against social lemmings leaping off cliffs simply because that is what everyone else does.  A well measured pace allows Shambolics to showcase each element of the band in a track that flirts with Merseybeat, ’90s Britpop and rock-a-billy amongst others whilst stamping its own identity that resonates of the late ’10s.

The lilting yet subtle drums keep legs tapping in time, while the guitar is given space to drift from shoegazey psychedelia to sparkling blues-rock with the bass keeping a reign on any extravagance as the superbly delivered vocal which includes some finely judged sections of close-harmonies provides the context and all together the various parts gives When She Goes Home a mesmeric sound that needs an immediate hit of the replay button.

I look forward to hearing much more of Shambolics in short order.

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