Shadowpeak from Utrecht in The Netherlands is the shoegaze quartet of Jordy van den Berg (Guitar / Vocal), Bram Custers (Drums / Vocals), Annelies van Bemmel (Synth / Vocals) and Terry Stooker (Bass).

Shadowpeak - Photo by Gerianne Meijer

Shadowpeak – Photo by Gerianne Meijer

Shadowpeak have a marked thixotropic sound as the music sheers into to flowing sounds that descend into the room from steely guitars which initially given the out-put a jagged composition. The anomalies of the quartet are what makes for an intriguing band as Shadowpeak explore the higher register of sounds in a manner which, for someone with tinnitus fill the ears, yet, within the forceful timbre, they are able to develop the underlying compositions, whilst despite a plethora of vocalists, the voices always remains submerged, featuring more as an harmonic accompaniment.

Given the style of the music, Shadowpeak are able to surprise the listener with the aggressive approach that catches you unprepared and the ears are left with ringing silence as tracks conclude.

A début six track eponymous EP, which is available on bandcamp, was released last month and the twenty three minutes provide the listener with plenty to think about.


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