Seven Waves

From the war-zone of Luhansk in Ukraine Anton Cherednychenko (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Nikita Voloshanovsky (Drums / Synth) and Dima Walewski (Bass) still manage to release music in the form of the synth-rock out-fit Seven Waves.

Seven Waves - synth-rock from Ukraine

Seven Waves

There is a surprising warmth that emerges from the speakers as Seven Waves reflect of turmoil not in angst, rather in considered contemplation of the rocket blasted buildings in their surrounding perimeters. The electronic kit allows the duo to provide the audience with shimmering stacks of Cumulonimbus cloud which drift across the room drafted with inner turmoil.

An ever present percussion taps across the ears like a sentry on duty, whilst guitars hum in the background as a vocal spears to anxious upper notes and Seven Waves utilise the synths to paint the imagery of the thoughts offered.

Formed back in 2013 with the idea of extracting cohesion betwixt division Seven Waves found themselves torn asunder by the bullets flying and the members segregated to slightly more hospitable climes, before facing the reality of staying alive was the challenge and finalised their first EP.

Now set to work on a second EP for our consideration. Those of longer stay will recall from 2010 an Afghani trio – Kabul Dreams – who are still able to navigated a path of war-zone. Of less certainty is D.J. Foundation from Mosul in Iraq who is now presumed dead after a year of no contact by anyone.

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