Serinette – Bear It Alone – Single Review

The English indie-rock band Serinette released the single Bear It Alone on the 10th.

Serinette - Bear It Alone - artwork

Serinette – Bear It Alone – artwork

First featured back in 2014 – Serinette always reveal tracks with a slight difference from that which has preceded, yet never loose the essence of their sound, which lays in rock based riffs surrounded by dance temper with lyric that offers a more contemplative study of the world surrounding.

In Bear It AloneSerinette feature a deeper and more pronounced bass, giving the track a powerful punch whilst, the always superbly delivered, vocal has an even more catchy emotive hook to it than is usual as the percussion keeps the composition on course, allowing the guitar once again to spread reverb and delay around the room.

Bear It Alone [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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