Secret Broadcast

Secret Broadcast is the indie rock band made up of Matt Lightstone (Vocals / Guitar), Keith Heppler (Drums), Curt Harding (Bass / Vocals) and J.C. Sandoval (live) (Guitar / Vocals) from Calgary in Canada.

Secret Broadcast - indie rock from Canada

Secret Broadcast – photo credit Seattle Music Photography

Melody and energy emerge from the speakers on hitting play as Secret Broadcast harness their sounds to deliver well spaced and harmonised music that needs to be heard by a wider audience without delay. There is something almost timeless about the music which contains both an earthy connection and finesse as the out-fit provide music that is smartly delivered.

Secret Broadcast have the ability to create music which is both engaging, yet easy to listen to, giving them a potential audience across many genres and this they have achieved by concentrating on taking the time to develop the tracks with extensive use of melody, which builds in intensity as the songs progress. If would have been tempting to blare out the music, but by taking the volumes down a notch, they have been able to inject the compositions with emotional context, with which the listener is easily able to identify.

Their recently released thirteen track LP Filthy Souls (which is available on iTunes*) is well worth getting hold of.


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