Secondhand Habit – Give Me All You’ve Got – Video

The Canadian rock quartet Secondhand Habit release the EP From The Ashes on the 1st of June.

Secondhand Habit - From The Ashes - artwork

Secondhand Habit – From The Ashes – artwork

The moment you hit play you will be shifted back to vintage rock at its best whilst wondering why I didn’t let you know you need to have found that faded and frayed jeans jacket strewn with pin badges and loosened your neck muscles before hitting play.

Things could be written about the interplay between the two guitars, the bass line, pitching vocals and the wielded axes on drums – but that would be superfluous – merely ensure the volume is turned up and select your choice of air guitar.

From the five track EP, available on bandcamp, the second – Give Me All You’ve Got.

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