Seaside Sons

Seaside Sons from Ayr in Scotland is the rock ‘n’ roll quartet of Jason Skimming (Lead Vocals), Pav Cathcart (Guitar), Craig McGinn (Bass) and Campbell Sproat (Drums).

Seaside Sons - rock 'n' roll from Scotland

Seaside Sons

The gritty rock driven sounds of Seaside Sons soon have you bouncing along with the beat. It is good to hear how bands have developed particularly with the advances in technology, however it is always a pleasure to be reminded of what the raw material sounds like and the quartet deliver immense peals of driving music that tears its way into the soul.

Influences dating back to the late ’50s are melded with every decade following and the resulting out-put has a timelessness to it, whilst simultaneously sounding completely fresh. The cupboard, bare of frippery gives the tracks a realism and communication with the listener that is unrivalled by any developments in equipment, which is perhaps why the four piece rock band is a seemingly irreplaceable format for direct relationships with the audience.

About a year old, Seaside Sons are gaining a burgeoning local following, which I would expect to see replicated across wider geography in short order and I look forward to the follow up to their début four track EP – Weekend Rockstar which came out early this year.

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