Sea Span – Tired Of Winning – Single Review

The US electro-gaze quartet Sea Span have a new single coming out imminently.

Sea Span - Tired Of Winning

Sea Span – Tired Of Winning

With some pleasure this dropped upon my doorstep in advance. Some may think, including Sea Span, is light tincture the correct space to espouse of agitation with social mores? You, as a regular reader of the website will know that any form of consternation to the status quo is likely to find a recommendation by me for taking time out from the day take a listen.

Tired Of Winning is a just over three and a half minute contemplative of ‘why don’t we care for each other more rather than seek to find a scapegoat’. The quartet are able to tumble the walls of barb-wire division through the very temerity of the track which lays in fragile shards of frosted synths and guitar, tremulous vocal and lightly touched percussion – demonstrating that to have impact doesn’t require largesse, rather heartfelt sentiment regardless of the vehicle utilised.

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