Sea Legs – Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight – Audio

The Australian indie-synth band Sea Legs are to release the EP Daddy’s Girl on the 23rd.

Sea Legs - Why Dont We Go Out Tonight

Sea Legs

Every track that Sea Legs releases has a new twist to it and Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight, which is from the EP, is no exception.

A shift in emphasis, which the vocal handles deftly, finds mainstream rock guitar riffs blazon across the room as a pulverising percussion chases along Why Don’t We Go Out Tonight and the synth, rather than setting the structure, cleverly takes back stage, as though an athlete struggling to keep up with the pace, before delightfully emerging to the forefront to dance around at the head of the pack as though indicating – keep up lads.

I haven’t heard the rest of the Daddy’s Girl, but if this is anything to go by, will be well worth adding to the collection.

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