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The US EQ-wave project sdtrk released the EP – The Past earlier in the month.



Ruffle up the speakers and allow the equaliser balances to sit midi barring of sub-woofers straining for maximum extraction and tweeters balancing pins on their grilles and you will discover music that wraps you up in skeletal shaking embrace.  The compositions can never be played too loudly, or to be fair too quietly, but as regular readers know I do always like things more loudly than is strictly necessary – however at any volume the diametrics are perfectly placed leaving the mind in an equilibrium it didn’t realise existed as sdtrk delivers a soundtrack of the moment, which ever moment you may be in at the time.

From the four track release – the second – Days Of Heaven.

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The Past – EP – Sdtrk is available on iTunes.*

For more of the best of the underground Emerging Indie Bands on Facebook is not a bad place to start.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

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