Scratch Buffalo – Kill The Sky – Audio

The Canadian garage rock trio Scratch Buffalo release their eponymous LP on the 18th.

Scratch Buffalo - photo by Johanna Hung Photography

Scratch Buffalo – photo by Johanna Hung Photography

Doing everything that is essential in garage rock, the eleven track album, recorded in a couple of days, mainly live, (available on bandcamp) finds the raucous rock’n’roll is delightfully tempered by some some unexpected melodic and multi-textured tracks, the fifth Nightmare Coming being an example, nestling within others that tear away the paintwork with their brusque barbed bristles. Of most distinction is the duality of vocals, sometimes two on a track, sometimes one and on occasion harmonised which enable Scratch Buffalo to strike out their own distinct space.

By way of an introduction to an LP I do heartily recommend adding to the collection, the third track – Kill The Sky, though not my pick of the release it is one of the only two I am cleared to share with you at this stage it does set a fair signpost to the release as a whole.


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