Scrambled Limbs – Rainmaker Struggle – Audio

Scrambled Limbs is an English trippy-rock project.

Scrambled Limbs

Scrambled Limbs

Whilst musicians creating psychedelic influenced music are, in general, underpinned by a sense of good-feelings and journey in to expansive thought, Scrambled Limbs is able to take that – not such good a trip – and turn it in to an eight track, roughly three quarters of an hour LP – Portmanteau (available on bandcamp) – exploring insecurities and anxieties, with a deft skill, as, rather than leaving the listener raked with inner turmoil, the mind finds a quiet pleasure in the what could easily have become a journey of despair.

My pick of a release that once started on the opening song the listener finds the need to continue to listen to without disturbance, until its conclusion – is the fifth – Rainmaker Struggle.

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