Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – Kassette – Audio

Schizo Fun Addict and The Bordellos – both from the underground rock the former from USA the latter England – released the split LP Kassette on the 24th of November.

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

For those of longer stay, in what is in danger of becoming an annual event, the alt-rock band Schizo Fun Addict and the agit-rock trio The Bordellos have put together another split release. On this occasion the twenty two track album – Kassette.

The shortest track by Schizo Fun Addict on the album  – The Pale Horse – running at precisely sixty seconds is a thumper of a number as it collapses into its own galloping pace.

By The BordellosTemperature Drop resonates of the escarpment of consternations in their angular perspective of the world.

Kassette is available on bandcamp.

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