Safe Secrets

Safe Secrets is the blues rock trio of Sebastian Stone, Ric Olivarez and Joaquin Rosales from Nashville, Tennessee, in the USA.

Safe Secrets - Blues rock from the USA

Safe Secrets

Regular readers will understand why I ran out of the room in fear on hitting play with Safe Secrets – but I thrust my head around the doorway and found myself engaged. Sprawling guitars lay waste to the under-lay and the trio deliver not fatuous mind-numbing Nashville blues rather the enlightening, as they take a genre and shake it up, delivering an out-put that makes you think more garage-blues as the itchy growling sounds maul around the room.

Safe Secrets bring their compositions to life with a fine construct of blousy guitar that drips acid as a cantankerous percussion and bass combination claw the fabric and a sardonic vocal that reminds of a friendly poker game going sour commentates.

This is music to down with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I raise my hat to Safe Secrets who are able to switch a mind from running for the hills to wanting to pay for the next round and being happy when they empty my wallet with a Royal Flush.

I look forward to more.


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  1. This is an AWSOME band! You won’t be disappointed:-)) they are going places! I wish them 3 talented musicians the Best. I also hope that they will be traveling out here soon…-“to the Coachella Valley”

  2. This article is amazing and spot on. Safe Secrets is a great band in Nashville that is going places. They don’t have the kind of music you can listen to while you’re doing something else. Their songs are so good that they draw you in and you find yourself invested in the stories, and the secrets. It’s an amazing journey and I hope it never ends. They are a hardworking band and they deserve to go all the way. I am so proud of them!

    Great article Mr. Whale. You got it right!

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