Saewine – Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams – Audio

The Romanian progressive-house producer Saewine revealed the single Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams within the past half an hour.



On occasion things just hit that opportune moment and here in the UK as I type it is coming up to 16:30 UTC on a Saturday – just the time to break open a dance track.

Which of itself would be a perfect moment to slice open the new CD – of more fine perspicacity – longer readers will know my stance as an anarcho-capitalist with no time for ‘geo-politics’ and over here in England tribal hatred has become the norm with just this week the Prime Minister of this barren-land calling for those not of British Nationality to be named and shamed by Employers – a country in which Eastern-European migrants are deemed social pariahs by so many who also live in this fetid rock – reciting that ‘it is common practice in the USA’. The moment any country points to the USA – the country contemplating to elect a NAZI as their new President, where random murder of non-WASPS by Police Officers is seen as the acceptable face of ‘law-enforcement’ as a ‘good example’ is the day you know it has all gone wrong.

Thanks Saewine for being absolutely on point and demonstrating once again that musicians have far more to offer in less than five minutes than a bureaucrat can in their life-time of bilious divisiveness.

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