Sad Blood

The emo trio of Dan GoldbergKrys Bascombe and George Phillips from London in England got together recently to form Sad Blood.

Sad Blood - Emo from England

Sad Blood

Stringing together frequent live appearances, for those of us not having had the opportunity to see Sad Blood in performance with fortune they released a three track single in August – Ultimate Warrior, that is available on bandcamp, which is the only set of songs I have been able to hear.

The distorted guitar appears out of the speakers like the sun creating a mirage on the sand, to which a hushed lamenting vocal is subsumed in a pumping bass / percussion combination, giving the overall sense that the music is echoing around the corridor from a different room and this off-set approach gives the music an immediate appeal.

The extensive use of flats allows Sad Blood to invest the material with a melancholia that reaches far into the heart of the audience generating, not a mood of sadness, more a sense of emotional connection between players and listener.

I look forward to hearing more of Sad Blood in the not to distant future and word arrives of intentions to head back to the studio next year for a further release, for which I hope to be able to provide a review.


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