S.O.Ns – Her Pain (Sweet Amelia) – Single Review

S.O.Ns is a hip-hop project from the USA that came to formation at the tail end of last year.



The latest track to surface which came out earlier today is an intriguing combination of guitar, strings, electronics and percussion which pops out of the speaker like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. The audience gets the sense of the blood pumping into the folded wings as the approaching six minute track evolves and as each section finds proportion so the composition unveils further greater poise. Once stasis is achieved suddenly the track flies into the ether and disappears into gradual silence.

There is a fascinating congruence in Her Pain (Sweet Amelia) which finds urban street aggression combining with an unexpected relational tenderness that leaves the listener with a flow of emotional connectivity that most in the genre are too timid to express and I raise my hat to S.O.Ns for making the improbable become the possible.


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