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The contemplative-rock project of Matt Whyte – Rupe Shearns from the USA released the LP To A Deer Outside Ithaca on the 20th.

Rupe Shearns

Rupe Shearns

Necessarily, given the gestation period of the album, which first started its process four years ago, the album is of different moods and perspectives. However the starting point and theme of the LP, a contemplation of loss and ill-fortune, is never lost in To A Deer Outside Ithica and although the annotation is of bad things happening, perhaps due to its extended development rather than having the immediate dark-mood of the events the compositions are able to take a longer perspective and whilst still of sadness, it is more in the context of the dull ache and fondness of memory which time affords rather than of the painful grief of immediacy.

My selection being the second of the nine tracks – Trust Me.

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