Rosen – High Tech Low Life – Single Review

The English glitch-hop quintet Rosen revealed their latest track within the past couple of hours.



Scything through the vicissitude of the late ’10s where to ignore those with whom one is in physical connection to eschew them for the far greater importance of pixelated and binary code of internet connection is deemed as normality and far more ‘interactive’.

Merely by title alone – High Tech Low LifeRosen are able to elucidate their anger, which they are able to transpose to a satirical, rather than vehement, commentary with a pulsing bass flooding through the room as the snarling vocal snaps at the heels whilst the guitar rasps through the ears meanwhile the drum-kit jars the jaw, rounded by the synth which protests that codecs are really the most appropriate.


High Tech Low Life – Single – Rosen is available on iTunes.*

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