Room For Zero – Death Of Cold – Audio

On the 1st of September the US scruffy-blues band Room For Zero will be releasing the LP You Used To Say I’m The Only One.

Room For Zero

Room For Zero

When you find your shoulders flexing of their own volition with arching arms towards the sky and wrists turning – you just know this something you need to engage with and tuning in – the brain aligns both medulla oblongata and skeletal to a soundtrack that finds the audience at the behest of the muscular system which insists on taking the lead of its own volition.
Even on first play through of the first track to surface from the album – Death Of Cold – the larynx discovers itself taking a guess at the next words deciding it too needs to be part of the party.


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  1. Makes sense to me! “US scruffy-blues” hearkens back to the emerging British bands of the 1960s that could be loosely categorised into two groups: the scruffy blues bands, and the clean cut bands. This is a modern US incarnation of the latter.

    The body starts moving as if under its “own volition” once listening to the track. Meaning the track sonically draws you in and makes you want to move with it.

    The “larynx” becomes “part of the party”. Meaning you connect and engage with the lyrics, and start to sing along.

    Clever review. Cool song.

  2. I’m not really following your review, it doesn’t make sense. Could you try it again either sober or not distracted?

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