Rome Is Not A Town – Blood And Secrets – Audio

There must be a reason that the Swedish fractured-rock quartet Rome Is Not A Town haven’t featured previously – but I can’t think what or why.

Rome Is Not A Town

Rome Is Not A Town

The detuned thrashes of sound whip around the ears in flailing distortion that embrocates the listener in gooey tar.

The latest track to surface Blood And Secrets deploys arcing abstruse angles of guitar which penetrate deep into the skeleton, while bass and percussion stand as encouraging agitators from which vocal slices deep scars into the brain. The only sadness is that the evisceration does come to a close, but fortunately that isn’t until seven seconds short of seven minutes.

I look forward to returning to Rome Is Not A Town, who remind me of an updated and elongated Rudimentary Peni, in short order.

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